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It’s All About The Tone.

By Jay Weiss | Published: October 11, 2010 – 4:45 pm

Of all the technology that has come into our lives, printers hold a special place in the frustration pecking order.  From paper jams to printing blank pages, printers are often the bane of my client’s existence.

It doesn’t seem to matter which company manufactured your printer:  they all tend to have their quirks and temperaments.  It doesn’t matter how complex your printer is:  I’ve seen problems with single function as well as multi-function models.  And it doesn’t seem to appease the wrath of the printer Gods whether or not you own an Inkjet or a Laser:  when your printer goes on the fritz, they all have tantrums.

Sometimes, printers just die.  I hate to say it, but the life expectancy of a printer leaves a lot to be desired.  That doesn’t mean, at the first sign of trouble, you should run out and buy a new printer.  Quite the contrary.

I’ve serviced hundreds of homes and offices in my capacity as a ComputerHMO Medic and the one thing that remains constant is printers have a voracious appetite for toner.  The lifeblood that lets you print in black and white or color, toner levels often define the health and wellbeing of your printer.

While this may be a statement of the obvious, the next time your printer doesn’t print, before you throw it against the wall in frustration, check your toner levels.  I cannot tell you how many ‘emergency’ calls I have handled when all that was needed was a simple cartridge replacement.

A general rule of thumb is printers won’t print unless their bellies are full.  Keep spare cartridges on hand at all times.  The investment up front is well worth the peace of mind at the other end.