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To anyone who spends time complaining about their computer, I say, 'Check out ComputerHMO. They're the best!'
- Marguerite Cummings


ComputerHMO care plans deliver optimum, continuous care 24/7.  Our 365, 855 & Basic Membership plans for laptops and desktops are an ideal way for individuals and businesses to keep their computer and associate software, systems, and devices running smoothly.

We also have Backup & Disaster Recover Services and additional services that extend your coverage even further.

For businesses with one or more servers, ComputerHMO has a plan to fit your needs. Streamline your IT costs while guaranteeing servers are monitored and up to speed 24/7.

Seniors, students, and owners of multiple computers can Contact Us for information about an additional 10% discount on monthly coverage and extras.