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My computer runs faster than ever. It's a pleasure logging on and knowing I won't be frustrated with slow response. Thanks for a great job.
- Theo Clarke, retired NASA scientist and engineer


If you are currently enrolled in ComputerHMO’s 365 (24 x 7 x 365), 855 (8AM – 5 PM, 5 Days a week M – F except holidays) or Basic Membership Plans, you can upgrade your plan to include Backup and Remote Access capabilities.

*Data Backup & System Recovery “add-on” means your data will be automatically backed up daily so if you ever need to recover a lost file or restore your whole system you will always be able to.

*Remote Access “add-on” you will be able to access to your own computer from any computer in the world.

Add:  Data Backup – $10 per month

Add:  Remote Access – $5 per month

*Must be a ComputerHMO member