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My computer runs faster than ever. It's a pleasure logging on and knowing I won't be frustrated with slow response. Thanks for a great job.
- Theo Clarke, retired NASA scientist and engineer


The perfect plan for an individual who uses a computer an hour or two a day yet wants to enjoy the peace of mind that their hardware and software is up-do-date and in good working order.  Ideal for anyone who enjoys the creativity of the computer but wants to avoid all the challenges of keeping it running.  Coverage under ComputerHMO’s Membership Plan is $15 per month* and includes:

• 24/7 remote monitoring
• Access to our USA-based Help Desk
AntiVirus & AntiSpyware protection
• Drive failure detection
• System inventory for insurance
• Routine scheduled maintenance to improve system performance
• Preventative maintenance and updates

* There will be a one-time set-up fee of $175, which covers installation of our custom monitoring software, remote support software, AntiSpyware software and a full 21-point computer evaluation and tune-up.

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